The company Changzhou Huaqiang Welding & Cutting Equipment CO.,LTD was founded in 1995, and supplies CNC cutting machine; Robot welding equipment; Multifunction automatic cutting equipment. My corporation is a national high-tech enterprise, and is specializing in development, design, production, sals, technical consulting and service.
    HuaQiang is located in the South of the Yangzi River, transportation is very convenient, 3 km from the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway,2 km from Shanghai-Nanjing highway , 16 km from Changzhou airport. Huaqiang exists production workshop of 16000 m2; 115 employees, including 75 professional and technical personnel.
    Huaqiang main products: CNC Cutting Machine; Robot bevel Cutting Machine; CNC Plasma Bevel Cutting and Drill &Tapping Machine; Robot Welding Station; Manual Plasma Cutter; Automatic Production Process. The corporation serves aerospace; construction machinery; mining machinery; shipbuilding; traffic industry; Automobile manufacturing; Petroleum machinery, pressure vessels, electrical steel, chemical machinery and other industries.
    My corporation strictly conducts production management IN accordance with the demand of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System and the State Compulsory “CCC” Certification. Our products award 16 patents and 1 invention patent. Huaqiang adopts advanced management culture, high-tech concept, and automatic products to develop and supply Chinese manufacturing industry.
    In 2014, Huaqiang cooperatd wihththe advanced Cutting Manufacturer in Europe-MicroStep.
    MicroStep has many years experiences focusing on CNC cutting machine, control system, and CAM software design, also owns 45 countries, partners in the world. The products are multifunction equipment, such as drilling; tapping; marking; cutting; bevel and so on. Product performance gain a global recognition.
     Huaqiang keeps a long-term cooperation with MicroStep, we will research and create the advanced cutting machine in the world.

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